Staff & Bishop’s Committee

Our current leaders have been volunteering in their communities for many years, and they bring with them an incredible ability to lead, inspire and care for those that need it.

Pastor Esther Kramer

Scott Eakins, Organist

Scott serves as Organist for St. Aidan’s and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Master of Arts in Systematic Theology with a focus on Sacramental Theology.

Bishop’s Committee

St. Aidan’s Episcopal Bishop’s Committee provides administrative and pastoral direction to the members (clergy and laity) of St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church. The Bishop’s Committee (Vestry) is the governing body of the parish. Members are elected to 3 year terms. The Senior Warden serves as the primary lay leader.

  • Donna Dinco, Senior Warden
  • Sandy Koeller, Junior Warden
  • Brian Schrunk
  • Gary Stage
  • Pat Gardner
  • Micki Hoffmann
  • Linda Weber, Clerk
  • Michael Weber, Treasurer