• Everyday Stewardship
  • Annual Giving
  • Planned Giving-Providing for the Future of St. Aidan’s

Everyday Stewardship

Everyday Stewardship is much more than the Annual Giving Pledge Drive. Though money is necessary for the budget, a better way to think of it, is money, and the use of it, is about Stewardship Everyday Stewardship is about the care of something that has been entrusted to you

Through our baptism and deeper journey in Christ we find that responsible stewardship is not really about money, but it is about fulfilling  Christ’s mission and ministry in the world through the right use of all God’s blessings entrusted to us.  Here at St. Aidan’s we care about being responsible stewards of all of God’s blessings. We give thanks to God and to those doing our ministries, as well as those who support the church’s ministries through stewardship of their financial resources. Remember, stewardship is not a choice; it spreads through everything we do. The choice is whether or not we will be good stewards or poor stewards of God’s blessings.

Annual Giving

The programs and ministries of St. Aidan’s are made possible by the generous gifts offered to support our annual operating budget.  We ask members of our community to let us know their annual gift intentions by making a pledge during our fall stewardship campaign. 

Pledging for the coming year provides the giver the opportunity to make an offering to God from their “first fruits” rather than what is left over.    Through our stewardship pledge, we demonstrate our gratitude for all the blessings in our lives and it reminds us that we are called to be givers, to give in thanksgiving for the blessings and grace that we have received.

As a practical matter, your pledge enables parish leadership to plan responsibly for the year ahead.  If you find yourself in circumstances that alter your ability to fulfill your pledge, it can be increased or decreased at any time. Your commitment will enable us to finalize plans for this fall for a robust and spirit-filled year full of worship, music, Christian formation, outreach, and more.

Planned Giving – Providing for the Future of St. Aidan’s

For over 60 years, the members of St. Aidan’s have treasured the church’s traditions of worship, education and music, spiritual nourishment and meaningful outreach.

Planned giving establishes a way for a donor to provide for family members while remembering the church as well. Your planned gift to the church expresses gratitude for a lifetime of God’s blessings, giving substance to the familiar prayer, “All things come of thee, O Lord, and of thine own have we given thee.” It is this generosity that will ensure the future fulfillment of God’s mission at St. Aidan’s.

For more information please contact the church office.