History of St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church

  • 1955 Organized, met in homes
  • 1957 Main Street location, former Lutheran church
  • 2002 Built at present Monroe St. location
  • 2006 Fire destroyed the church, met at Divine Savior Lutheran church
  • 2007 Church rebuild finished

Our church, named in honor of St. Aidan, was organized in 1955. The founding congregation met in people’s homes until 1957. At that time, we moved to the location on south Main Street. The quaint white church building was purchased from Redeemer Lutheran Church, the original occupants. 

In 2000, we decided to become a larger community in Christ. After years of having part-time and supply priests, it was time to call a full-time priest to help us grow into a self-sufficient community in the new millennium.

Part of the growth meant a move to a new church home. In February 2002, we broke ground on Monroe Street, where St. Aidan’s is now located.Unfortunately, the “new” church burned in September of 2006. Divine Savior Lutheran Church graciously welcomed us for Episcopal services on Sundays. After a year of rebuild, St. Aidan’s reopened its doors and the congregation resumed services in our own church in time for Christmas, 2007.

While St. Aidan’s is located in Hartford, we draw from many communities within a 30-mile radius and with St. James, West Bend, are proud to be one of only two Episcopal Churches in Washington County.Today, we are a vibrant, exciting, family-oriented parish with a love of outreach and community.