Using Our Spaces

We have an accessible building – one floor, no steps
We are not afraid to do something new or different – “be not afraid”
Becoming a Beloved Community – we are having discussions about social justice
Parish hall is used by many groups – inside the parish and outside
B&GC – Formerly used by Boys and Girls Club (ice breaker for Hartford). 
Now B&GC has expanded twice and moved on to bigger facilities.
Community Lunch – monthly, program has expanded and moved to bigger facilities.
AA – two groups, weekly
Casa Guadalupe – ESL – Occasionally
Two rummage sales take place each year in the Parish Hall (General Rummage in the Spring and Guy’s Rummage in the Fall).
Christmas Bazaar happens in the parish hall.
Game nights, movie nights, TV nights happen in the parish hall.
Our parish picnic happens in the building and on the south lawn.
A “Potato Bar” precedes the ecumenical Lenten service.

Formerly, the south lot of the property was a “Community Garden”.  Other gardens sprang up in town, and we have now abandoned the project. (Deer and rabbits also had something to do with shutting things down).

Of course, the building is used for weddings, baptisms, funerals & receptions.