Why we’re here 

To grow as a faith family so that everyone will experience God’s love.

Who are we?

We are a growing faith Family of over 150 people.  Some of us are older, some are younger.

We are self-motivated with strong lay leadership.

We take the DIY (Do It Yourself) approach to many things.  We self-schedule building cleaning, maintaining the garden, coffee hour, flowers, altar guild, Sunday ministries, etc.

Below is a photo gallery of some of our events and some of our people:

*Event Gallery*


The Reverend Lars Skoglund, Vicar – Ordained

Bishop’s Committee Board – Lay Leaders

  • Sr. Warden – Bruce Pollock
  • Jr. Warden – Sandy Koeller
  • Member – Brian Schrunk
  • Member – Pat Gardiner
  • Member – Micki Hoffmann
  • Member – Gary Stage
  • Clerk – Linda Weber

Tina Collett – Office Administrator

Christy Moluf – Music

Mike Weber – Treasurer

Loretta Mendoza – Retired Priest

What people say

I am grateful to God for St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church because:

“People”, Leah Daley (8 yrs old)

“Everyone is welcome and so much love is shared”, Charles Gardner (adult)

“Extended family of Christ and fellowship” (?)

“The safe place for me to witness Christ for my children”, Brian (adult)

“I found home”, Kelly Hellman (10)

“Faith Community – People who know there’s more to the world than themselves”, (adult)

“It provided fellowship and a place to worship”

“It has been our home through good times and bad and the members are truly our family” (adult) “St. Aidan’s is the best kept secret in town” (Hartford resident, adult)

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